Thursday, 20 September 2012

Midnight Desire

A desperate desire for creativity in the middle of the night. 
The urge and determination was immense and it surprised me too as to how I could be awake in the middle of the night and show such ease in doing this piece which otherwise would be impossible for me. People who know me well know that ''early to bed and early to rise'', is my birth motto!! :)

All said and done, I am posting this for the pleasure of sharing the idea. Am not motivated now to explain how to do it. I am sure you have enough leads now from my previous posts, and my inspiration list, as to how things can be done!! More later.

                 Close-up of the flowers and leaves

 Close-up of the Bee 
At an angle

PS: I think the desire was also because I was gifting this frame to a frien (Ashish Arondekar and fly) when visiting the family for Ganpati (the elephant-head lord). Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!


  1. HI shalamali,
    want to know how u make frames??any ideas?

  2. This frame is bought and made of wood. But I have links as to how to make frames of paper in this post..
    Hope this helps

  3. thank u very much as it is gng to help me!!will surely try n let u know!0
    thanks again!

  4. Beautiful piece Shalu, as always.... very talented!!! Mx