Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Flowery Act!

I am glad, I had the motivation and time this weekend to open up the creative side in me.
Have been extremely busy with the new job, but I made it a point to get the arty stuff out from the attic and paint.
It's been long since I held a brush in my hand since most of my earlier posts comprise of paper quilling. 

And what else could I do with the brush other than one stroke painting. If you know me very well, it is one of my favorite techniques which, I guess, I have mastered to a certain level.

A bit of information for those who are unaware of this technique. In the early 1970’s, the name Donna Dewberry did not draw much attention in the Craft Industry in the States. A self-taught artist, she picked up different painting tips from wherever she could and “learned by observations”. Thirty years later, she is recognized throughout America, Europe and Asia as the innovative creator of the One Stroke painting technique.
So what is one stroke painting? It involves blending, shading and highlighting in one stroke of the brush. A very basic video of Donna explaining the technique here.

Recently, I had bought her book "Painting fabulous flowers". It has step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to paint all kinds of flowers. It has paintings of approx. 50 different flowers using this technique.

She has also categorized the flowers as garden flowers, flowering trees, shrubs & herbs, wildflowers , Tropicals and exotics.  I guess it is a great book to have in your library for mastering the art of one stroke.
I was beginning to fear that I had lost the art since it's been a while but after I went onto the second and the third flower I was happy.
Below is the painting I finally managed to create on the canvas :)


  1. kharach bai tuze kautuk karave tevadhe thodech..fulatala rang tuzya manat utarude, panachi hirwai tuzya hatat yeude kirti

  2. Hopped over from Bakasoor.This painting is great. And besides you have a great blog here. The ideas seem so simple, but without that creative bent of mind, I guess the results would not look as spectacular as those here!

  3. Thanks Radha for the appreciation!!!
    Keep visiting :)

  4. Hi Shalmali

    Beautiful painting and blog too ! Good to know your creative side.

    Keep it up :-)


    1. Thanks Tanuja!! Keep visiting, I keep updating the blog once in a while.