Saturday, 14 January 2012

Recycled Pen holder Ideas

When I was in Glasgow doing my PhD, I had come across some homemade pen holder ideas. I had loads on my hit list then and I had made one of them. I thought I must share some ideas with you all too.

Below is the photo of the one I did using a magazine and some coloured card stock. I used a cola plastic bottle and cut it into the appropriate size I wanted (this is about 10cm in height). Then I made some tight rolls out of magazine papers of different sizes and stuck them on the bottle and let it dry. Later I painted it with some acrylic colours. In the mean time, I made quilling roses of different colours and punched some leaves.
How to make quilling roses? (here is a tutorial). Finally the roses and leaves were glued on the holder.
Pen holder made from paper

On the bright side...

Other pen holders on my list-

Recycle a phone book/ pharma catalog into a unique pen holder.

Recycle some pencils and stick them together and paint them white or any colour for that matter.

PS: I am glad that this pen holder was instantly liked by my then flatmate, Diana who just loved the way it looked and thus I gifted it to her once it was done. :)) Hope you can gift your near and dear ones too.